Friday, April 25, 2014

Traning for the BIG Race in June!!

I've officially put all of the workouts on my calendar for the Third Coast Relay that is in 9 weeks!!!! That really came up fast :) I made sure to highlight them in the brightest color possible so as not to "forget" to train.

This race is 208.1 miles spread about between 12 (now 11...someone dropped out) people and it starts in Holland MI, and goes to Traverse City Michigan. We have 2 days to complete the race and end in TC before like 7am on Monday morning or something like that. It's going to be amaze-balls. Marna is driving one of the vans so she will officially get to do "a race" with me on this little journey.

My legs are pretty difficult for me...but I think that sticking to this workout schedule is going to greatly increase my chance of survival....because honestly...I'm pretty nervous about it!

My legs are: (yikes)

Leg 11: 5.8 Miles (Easy)
Leg 23: 6.1 Miles (Difficult)
Leg 35: 6.1 Miles (Difficult)

This weekend I have a 5K and a 20 mile bike race in Ypsilanti. I'm looking forward to them both and hoping that my Achilles has finally been rested enough to stop giving me problems. With all the miles I will be putting in next week, I'm a little nervous. I just need to remember to ICE and rest, and STRETCH!!

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  1. I love you, Balls! Do you need help to cover your team? If you do, hit me up. . . I'd love to join you in this adventure. . .