Friday, April 25, 2014

Traning for the BIG Race in June!!

I've officially put all of the workouts on my calendar for the Third Coast Relay that is in 9 weeks!!!! That really came up fast :) I made sure to highlight them in the brightest color possible so as not to "forget" to train.

This race is 208.1 miles spread about between 12 (now 11...someone dropped out) people and it starts in Holland MI, and goes to Traverse City Michigan. We have 2 days to complete the race and end in TC before like 7am on Monday morning or something like that. It's going to be amaze-balls. Marna is driving one of the vans so she will officially get to do "a race" with me on this little journey.

My legs are pretty difficult for me...but I think that sticking to this workout schedule is going to greatly increase my chance of survival....because honestly...I'm pretty nervous about it!

My legs are: (yikes)

Leg 11: 5.8 Miles (Easy)
Leg 23: 6.1 Miles (Difficult)
Leg 35: 6.1 Miles (Difficult)

This weekend I have a 5K and a 20 mile bike race in Ypsilanti. I'm looking forward to them both and hoping that my Achilles has finally been rested enough to stop giving me problems. With all the miles I will be putting in next week, I'm a little nervous. I just need to remember to ICE and rest, and STRETCH!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

1.5 Races Behind Goal - End of May

So in figuring out how to make it to my 30 race goal, I've gone through my race schedule and I'm pretty much on target but a couple of races behind.

Because I only ran 1 race in February, that essentially puts me back 2.5 races by the end of May. I just signed up for a Bike Race ( 25 miles) which supports recovering addicts to drugs and alcohol. So that leaves me 1.5 races behind for the end of May. I'm only signed up for two races that month, so I think I will be able to add 2 more to get me back up above my target of 2.5 a month.

It's a bike ride through Ypsi and they have multiple mileages you can choose from. ( 10K, 25 miles, 40 miles, or 100 miles). There is also a 5K/10K as well, but I'm just doing the riding portion of this one. get my bike tuned up. I've been pretty nervous about getting back on it after I crashed last summer. Baby Steps....the first being getting it back in working order. :)

Stay Tuned for Pic's from the Martian Marathon this weekend (10K for me) hopefully my Achilles tendon issue doesn't give me too much trouble...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

#6 Rock CF Half Marathon

Ashley Ball and Ashley Ball (Anna Miller)

Anna last minute was able to do the race with me on Sunday on Grosse Ile. They had accidentally registered me twice for the race and when I picked up my packet they gave me both my numbers, so I gave my other number to Anna to race with (hence the Ashley Ball and Ashley Ball above).

Anna came over at 7 and we drove to the race together. Got there in the perfect amount of time before the race started. It was suppose to be 56 on Sunday but It was still pretty chilly and windy when the race started at 8am.

It started in the Airport Hanger which was really cool:

Before the race started they opened up the doors to the hangar on the opposite side for us to all run out and it was really cool!
We were so cold waiting in the hangar, but ran into some some people from Trenton, and old friend from Thomson Reuters whose nephew has CF, which this race was sponsoring. The sponsor of this race is Emily Schaller who also ran the AutoShow shuffle. This one has over 2,000 runners from 22 states and Canada, and raised $77K for Cystic Fibrosis! Glad to be a part of it and I will do this race EVERY single year. It was the most put together race I've ever done, there was music blaring out speakers every mile marker, and Grosse Ile is just a beautiful spot to go running :)
Finisher Medals at the Grosse Ile High School Track!

And some sweet Action Shots at the end :) (These photo's are copyrighted to CapstonePhoto and are not mine)

After the race, I dropped Anna off to her car and then went back to the race to cheer on my Eli who was doing the 1/2 marathon. She is training for a 1/2 Ironman and this was the start of her racing season. I wanted to make sure she had some support at the finish line and this was her kicking ass at the end!

11 day's until race #7....I'm resting up my achilles tendon issue and hopefully will be in good enough shape to run the 10K at the Martian Marathon!!

Happy Spring :)

#5 Kona Shamrock and Roll

This was my first 10K ever and the longest I've ran in a row since college. I ran for about 42 minutes straight before needing a quick minute break and then only took 2 more 30 second breaks until we finished. One of my best friends Bev and her husband Jon came to this one. Jon was a trooper and stood outside FREEZING to make sure that he got some photo's of us at the finish line.

I'm so happy that I got to spend 75 minutes with Bev, catching up and chatting about the most random things ever. Bev and I went to Hillsdale together and became really good friends. Bev is from Georgia but moved to Michigan for her residency where she actually lived with me for a while in Plymouth. We don't get to see each other as much as we would like so it was SO AMAZING that she ran this race with me. I had a blast before/during/after! :) I love you Bevvvvv love asshhhhllley 

(These photo's are copyrighted and are not mine)

 At the Starting line where we thought we were going to be in the first wave. Turns out we got stuck for another 15 minutes waiting for the race to start while we froze!!!!

 Finisher Medals :) Felt great sprinting to the finish line!!

Obviously needed to have some beer after this one! Marna was able to come meet up and have lunch and lot's of beer to celebrate :)

#4 Shamrocks and Shenanigans 5K

Another Freezing Cold Race back in Michigan.

Again, Autumn ran with me and had some HOT coffee waiting for me when I got to house in the morning. My friends Heather and Zera were also at the race. Zera won the race last year, but didn't run this year and Heather is like a mini Kenyan and was way ahead of me. However they were both at the finish line waiting for Autumn and I to finish.

So, in Downriver, it's VERY flat. In Ann Arbor it's HILLY AS SHIT!! my ass and calves were sore for like 4 days after this run. And...the A hole race makers had us run up the same HUGE hill twice and the 2nd time being at the finish :) I wasn't really mad, but it did kick my ass. Running on hills is something that I really need to work into my workouts, as the Coast to Coast relay coming VERY soon and I'm going to need the practice.

This was a super fun race!! We couldn't get into Connor O'Neils at the end because it was packed, so we enjoyed some amazing breakfast at Cafe Zola :)

Race #4 Done! 26 to go...

#3 Green Mile 5K Miami

After running my first 2 races in polar vortex Michigan, running in 80 degree weather was quite the change of pace (literally). I go to Miami every February with my girlfriends and needless to say, we drink a lot of beverages that don't help hydrate you for running. That being said....NO ONE thought that Autumn and I would actually make it to the race, let alone run it. So in my stubborness to prove those people wrong..I made sure to get to bed early (3am)! and drink lot's of liquids (water not being my drink of choice that evening).

So...with that being said, I DID run, and so did Autumn. Thank you Autumn for getting up with me that morning and running with me! I've never really ran on the beach before, so it was a wonderful race along the boardwalk, people watching, and watching all the crazy Miami people wake up for the day. 

It was my slowest 5K in my life, but that's ok. I still did it :)

Some photo's from the race Below:

It's been WAY to long since I last I have lots to make up for. Unfortunately I'm nursing a rather sore and swollen achilles tendon so....I'm a little about my next race that is in 11 days and is a 10K. Hopefully it heals up rather quick. Thanks to some runner friends I am literally icing and stretching my calf muscles and hamstrings with a ROLLING PIN. Yes...a rolling pin. It hurts like a bitch...but it's suppose to loosen up that tight tendon :) for some updates on the past 4 races..