Tuesday, April 1, 2014

#4 Shamrocks and Shenanigans 5K

Another Freezing Cold Race back in Michigan.

Again, Autumn ran with me and had some HOT coffee waiting for me when I got to house in the morning. My friends Heather and Zera were also at the race. Zera won the race last year, but didn't run this year and Heather is like a mini Kenyan and was way ahead of me. However they were both at the finish line waiting for Autumn and I to finish.

So, in Downriver, it's VERY flat. In Ann Arbor it's HILLY AS SHIT!! my ass and calves were sore for like 4 days after this run. And...the A hole race makers had us run up the same HUGE hill twice and the 2nd time being at the finish :) I wasn't really mad, but it did kick my ass. Running on hills is something that I really need to work into my workouts, as the Coast to Coast relay coming VERY soon and I'm going to need the practice.

This was a super fun race!! We couldn't get into Connor O'Neils at the end because it was packed, so we enjoyed some amazing breakfast at Cafe Zola :)

Race #4 Done! 26 to go...

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