Tuesday, April 8, 2014

1.5 Races Behind Goal - End of May

So in figuring out how to make it to my 30 race goal, I've gone through my race schedule and I'm pretty much on target but a couple of races behind.

Because I only ran 1 race in February, that essentially puts me back 2.5 races by the end of May. I just signed up for a Bike Race ( 25 miles) which supports recovering addicts to drugs and alcohol. So that leaves me 1.5 races behind for the end of May. I'm only signed up for two races that month, so I think I will be able to add 2 more to get me back up above my target of 2.5 a month.

It's a bike ride through Ypsi and they have multiple mileages you can choose from. ( 10K, 25 miles, 40 miles, or 100 miles). There is also a 5K/10K as well, but I'm just doing the riding portion of this one.

Now...to get my bike tuned up. I've been pretty nervous about getting back on it after I crashed last summer. Baby Steps....the first being getting it back in working order. :)

Stay Tuned for Pic's from the Martian Marathon this weekend (10K for me) hopefully my Achilles tendon issue doesn't give me too much trouble...

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  1. You're ahead of your goal in my book...can't believe how many freezin cold ones you did! Getting to be good weather to make it up :)