Tuesday, April 1, 2014

#6 Rock CF Half Marathon

Ashley Ball and Ashley Ball (Anna Miller)

Anna last minute was able to do the race with me on Sunday on Grosse Ile. They had accidentally registered me twice for the race and when I picked up my packet they gave me both my numbers, so I gave my other number to Anna to race with (hence the Ashley Ball and Ashley Ball above).

Anna came over at 7 and we drove to the race together. Got there in the perfect amount of time before the race started. It was suppose to be 56 on Sunday but It was still pretty chilly and windy when the race started at 8am.

It started in the Airport Hanger which was really cool:

Before the race started they opened up the doors to the hangar on the opposite side for us to all run out and it was really cool!
We were so cold waiting in the hangar, but ran into some some people from Trenton, and old friend from Thomson Reuters whose nephew has CF, which this race was sponsoring. The sponsor of this race is Emily Schaller who also ran the AutoShow shuffle. This one has over 2,000 runners from 22 states and Canada, and raised $77K for Cystic Fibrosis! Glad to be a part of it and I will do this race EVERY single year. It was the most put together race I've ever done, there was music blaring out speakers every mile marker, and Grosse Ile is just a beautiful spot to go running :)
Finisher Medals at the Grosse Ile High School Track!

And some sweet Action Shots at the end :) (These photo's are copyrighted to CapstonePhoto and are not mine)

After the race, I dropped Anna off to her car and then went back to the race to cheer on my Eli who was doing the 1/2 marathon. She is training for a 1/2 Ironman and this was the start of her racing season. I wanted to make sure she had some support at the finish line and this was her kicking ass at the end!

11 day's until race #7....I'm resting up my achilles tendon issue and hopefully will be in good enough shape to run the 10K at the Martian Marathon!!

Happy Spring :)

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