Tuesday, April 1, 2014

#3 Green Mile 5K Miami

After running my first 2 races in polar vortex Michigan, running in 80 degree weather was quite the change of pace (literally). I go to Miami every February with my girlfriends and needless to say, we drink a lot of beverages that don't help hydrate you for running. That being said....NO ONE thought that Autumn and I would actually make it to the race, let alone run it. So in my stubborness to prove those people wrong..I made sure to get to bed early (3am)! and drink lot's of liquids (water not being my drink of choice that evening).

So...with that being said, I DID run, and so did Autumn. Thank you Autumn for getting up with me that morning and running with me! I've never really ran on the beach before, so it was a wonderful race along the boardwalk, people watching, and watching all the crazy Miami people wake up for the day. 

It was my slowest 5K in my life, but that's ok. I still did it :)

Some photo's from the race Below:

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