Monday, May 19, 2014

#9 Wyandotte River Run

I only have a few photo's from this race....and I'm too lazy to post them. But it is complete!!

I PR'd by almost 3 minutes from my first race back in January. I had a really good time at this one, considering I ate a cheesburger, a fish sandwich, and a glazed donut ( totally needed) like 2 hours before this one. I didn't know if I was going to throw up or be fine, but it turned out ok.

My new goal during these races are to chase people in front of me, yet stay on my own pace. On Friday there was a girl that kept sprinting and then walking and then sprinting and get the point, however I kept the same pace the whole time and we kept passing each other. So.....I made it my mission to not let her beat me.

I think she had the same thought though, and started running at the end pretty quick, so I turned up the heat about .25 miles left and beat her just by a little bit, but in my head, I had just won the gold medal at the Olympics :)

2 races coming up this weekend, Friday on Belle Isle, and Monday ( Memorial Day) on Grosse Ile.

Gotta love those island races :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Upcoming Races May!!

In trying to get back on track, and stay on top of the 30 goal.... I've added some recently signed up for events to my December post but thought I would post it here as well!


May 16th: Wyandotte River Run 5K 6:30pm

May 24th: Grand Prix Shakedown on Belle Isle

May 26th: Memorial Day Run Grosse Ile

May 31st: The Rainbow Run, Ferndale MI ( Opening of Pride Week!!!) YAY!

The Wyandotte River Run will be my 1/3 done point....WOOT WOOT!!

#8 Breakthrough for Brain Tumors 5K

Lots of people running this one!!! Autumn led the charge to get people involved in this race, and I'm so glad that she did. This one not only was my favorite so far,  but also humbled me in many ways. This race was supporting the ABTA ( American Brain Tumor Association) and directly has effected people in my life in ways that are hard to imagine. I am so glad that a lot of my family was able to participate in this race, and it was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning!

Evan, Janna, and I did the 5K run, which was a couple of laps around the Providence Hospital in Novi. Marg and her friend Ursula did the 5K walk.

It was  by FAR the best weather yet so far this year for a race. A little chilly at the start, but about 3 seconds into running it was pretty hot.

My friends Autumn, Phil, Eva, Lisa and her daughter also participated in the run/walk supporting Lisa's husband that passed away from a brain tumor 2 years ago at a very young age. ( TEAM ERIC). Evan, Janna, Ursula, Marg, and I were running for Team Tom!!

 The Finish Line was really interesting...they had two fire trucks ladders up with the American Flag flying under it.
 Janna, Marg, Ursula, and Evie!
 Janna, Me, Marg, and Evan...pregaming

 Great Photo of Evan's Dad!

 Look who I found!!! Phil and Eva
 Cutest family EVER!!! Autumn, Phil and Eva!

Waiting for the race to start :)

# 7 Martian Marathon ( 10K)

This was a super fun race that I plan on doing every year!! Course was really fun, TON's of people, and perfect running weather.

Mike C joined me for this one, he was signed up for the 5K, but ran the 10K with me...THANKS MIKE!!!!

Also ran into M and ICE after the race ( obviously in costume for those that know them)! So good to see them.

Below are some photo's from the fun morning.

 There was also a Marathon going on as well, and every mile marker we would get to would also have the Marthon Mile marker as well.....I felt horrible for the people that were at mile 22, and we were at mile 3...I have no idea how people run marathons. Anyway...we were going to pose in front of the 22 mile marker to pretend like we were awesome like them...but then decided not too!
 This was the finish line shot!! Little aliens all over the place. Pretty fun finish and the finisher medals are SWEET!!! Giant alien faces :)
 M and ICE greeting the earthlings
 AREA 51 jump suits.....of course they just happened to have these costumes on them :)
YAY!! We to breakfast and then to play some golf!!