Tuesday, May 13, 2014

# 7 Martian Marathon ( 10K)

This was a super fun race that I plan on doing every year!! Course was really fun, TON's of people, and perfect running weather.

Mike C joined me for this one, he was signed up for the 5K, but ran the 10K with me...THANKS MIKE!!!!

Also ran into M and ICE after the race ( obviously in costume for those that know them)! So good to see them.

Below are some photo's from the fun morning.

 There was also a Marathon going on as well, and every mile marker we would get to would also have the Marthon Mile marker as well.....I felt horrible for the people that were at mile 22, and we were at mile 3...I have no idea how people run marathons. Anyway...we were going to pose in front of the 22 mile marker to pretend like we were awesome like them...but then decided not too!
 This was the finish line shot!! Little aliens all over the place. Pretty fun finish and the finisher medals are SWEET!!! Giant alien faces :)
 M and ICE greeting the earthlings
 AREA 51 jump suits.....of course they just happened to have these costumes on them :)
YAY!! We finished....off to breakfast and then to play some golf!!

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