Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Went running outside today in Houston, and stumbled upon the cutest street in the world. I am running there everyday this week, just so I can look at all of my dream houses the whole time. Everyone at the hotel thought I was crazy "to go out in this weather". Grant you, it's 30 degrees here and raining so Texans don't know what to do with themselves. Everything is shut down, stores are out of food, and it's about to start snowing.....The world is ENDING!

Found a few photo's from AutoShow Shuffle: ( to be uploaded soon)
1. Me pulling up my pants at the start line....haha
2. Almost finished

Correction to the race Schedule below:
Feb 2nd- groundhog run was cancelled. In it's place I have signed up for the super5K, which has a superbowl theme. You get a medal, a pint glass, and a BEANIE :) that's right! See ya'll there. ( when in texas...speak like a texan)


  1. Keep it up! Best way to explore a city while traveling is running or biking...great to hear you're taking advantage!