Friday, January 17, 2014

I met someone pretty cool today. Her name is Emily Schaller. By meet..I mean that she gave me my bib number and t-shirt at the packet pickup for the Auto Show Shuffle. She is also the founder of Rock CF and helps organize the running races on Grosse Ile.

Turns out Emily has Cystic Fibrosis and I had no idea what that disease was until today. I read about her, and the disease on her blog and decided she is my new role model for the year. Apparently running is a tremendous health boosting activity for people with CF. It helps to clear up the lung function by clearing out mucus. Running has increased her lung function 20-30% which is amazing.

Anyway...The Charity that "the auto show shuffle", "groundhog 5K", and "Rock CF 1/2 marathon" support is her non profit called "Rock CF" and it goes towards research for CF.

Hopefully some sunrise pic's along the river-walk to come tomorrow...

Happy Friday!

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